Certuss Universal 2000 steam generator (steam boiler) set 2.0 t/h


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Gas “Certuss Universal 2000” steam generator (steam boiler) set
designed to produce 2000 kg/h (2,0 t/h) of saturated water steam up to P= 10 bar working pressure. Fuel type: liquefied petroleum gas (LPG – propane / butane gas phase). The set consists of: steam generator, gas feeding ramp, control automation, integrated fan with air quantity suply control valve, burner for LPG gas, the automatic control cabinet is integrated into the steam boiler body and a separate automation control cabinet for automatic purging and automatic start of steam actuator at the set time. Triplex (Speck – Certuss) Feeding Water Pump with pressure (P) up to 140 bar (major repairs made in 2017) and capacity up to 2000 kg/h. Year of Steam Boiler production: 2000, but 2017 the steam boiler coil was replaced with a new one (bottom part – evaporator), in 2017 year equipped with new hydraulic – electromagnetic gas valves actuators “Siemens”, a new steam boiler burner disc replacement, automatic control cabinets relays, a vapor control valve, a blow cooler, and other parts. The steam generator (boiler) works without reproach, the purging of the boiler and the preservation is now underway. The technical condition of the steam boiler has been constantly controlled by Technical Maintenance Specialists, in accordance with the rules and schedule of inspections. The steam boiler comes complete with Certuss’s all-in-one factory lock and protective equipment. Additionally, a steam boiler chimney from stainless steel, gas supply pipeline with shut-off valve and pressure measuring equipment, gas cut-off line, gas purge pipes, etc. (everything is shown in the attached photos).

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